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Printing is in our roots.

Why Jones?
Why Jones?

Since 1975, and for three generations, Jones Printing Service, Inc. (JPS) has been exceeding clients’ expectations, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment to produce more printed material on a tighter turnaround time. In a highly competitive market, JPS has continued to sustain growth for over 45 years. Our success is attributed to a continuous investment in an outstanding team, enabled with leading edge technologies to adapt quickly to the changing needs of our clients.

We’re not just a printer. We are problem solvers. We offer solutions to your branding campaign questions and conundrums. From our master designers, skilled technicians and operators, to our efficient and effective printing solutions, we are your value-added branding and print partner.

Call us perfectionists. Call us OCD. We don’t care. We work tirelessly to ensure your pieces are created perfectly.

Jones Printing also maintains a strong commitment to environmentally responsible practices and seeks to be a leader in sustainability. We aim to reduce our environmental footprint through continuous improvement in our own operations and in our choice of suppliers.

Jones Story
The Jones Story

Jones Printing Service’s roots go back to the early 1950s when 18-year-old Montague “Monty” Jones, Jr. was searching for his first job. His older brother, McCray “Mac” Jones was working at a Norfolk print shop while studying Medicine at the University of Virginia.

Monty wanted to follow in his brother’s footsteps, so he pursued a career in the printing industry working for Mr. Harry I. Teagle.  Mr. Teagle owned Advertising Service Agency, which was a small print shop that later became known as Teagle and Little Printers.

Brother Mac went on to become a doctor, but Monty fell in love with printing and chose to make a career out of it. It proved to be a successful venture, and by the time Monty was 27 years old, he and a co-worker had the opportunity to buy Advertising Service Agency, as Mr. Teagle was retiring.

At home, Monty’s family was growing as quickly as his new business. Monty and his wife, Barbara, had five sons who all showed an interest in the printing industry as they matured, but a binding agreement with Monty’s business partner prohibited family from being hired by the firm.

After some negotiations with his business partner, Jones Printing Service was founded in 1975, and became the newest print shop in the Hampton Roads area. The founding employees were Monty, Barbara and their son, Harry (who was named after Mr. Teagle himself). All five of Monty and Barbara’s sons ended up working at the family business.

Today, Mark Jones, Monty's grandson, and 3rd generation Jones Printing Service president, is at the healm of our company. Mark continues to advance our technologies and processes to ensure our company operates efficiently while creating the newest printing techniques.

With all its success, Jones Printing Service has remained true to its roots and founding principles, firmly believing our reputation is only as good as our last project. As a result, Jones Printing Service has developed a tradition of excellence and dependability that continues to support our ever-increasing broad base of clients' needs.

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